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The Erie County community is  blessed with many talented writers dedicated to preserving local history and tradition through publication. The content of this page represents a selection of local authors and their works. When possible, we have provided you with contact information for the author, or locations where these publications are sold. (Several of Our Members have gift shops.) If you would like to add an author and title to this listing, and we hope you do, please complete the Local Authors Submission Form.

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Author Unknown History of Concord Township, 1800 – 2000 (2000)

Baugh, Mary Francis
Brewer’s Women (Historical Fiction, 2008)
Lake Erie Reflections – Poetry and Prose

Biondi, Richard P. Early Fairview Schools, A History of the Early Schools of Erie County, Pennsylvania

Bladhut, Adam Study of the Founding of the Erie Public Library (1974, 2005)

Boutwell, Coletta History of Concord Township

Brandon, Loretta Lightkeeper’s Legacy: A Personal History of Presque Isle (1997)

Burke, William H. Anthracite Lads:  A True Story of the Fabled Molly Maguires (2005)

Butts, Edward Shipwrecks, Monsters and Mysteries of the Great Lakes (Children’s, 2010)

Carlyon, David, Ph.D. Dan Rice: The Most Famous Man You’ve Never Heard Of (2001)

Caster, Ann Columbus (2000)

Chaffee, John S., MD. Reflections on Erie County Physicians (1990)

Claridge, John Lost Erie:  The Vanished Heritage of City and County (1991)

Comstock, Joe Erie in Photos

Curtis, Tina
A Fair Recollection, 34 Agricultural Fairs in Erie County from 1822 – 2009
Shedding Light on the Shadows of the Past, A Wattsburg Area History (2000)

Domowicz, Geoffrey Girard: A Canal Town History (Arcadia Press Making of America Series, 2003)

Doucette, Forrest H. Footprints:  About the boro, Volume I, 1925 – 1943 (2008)

Dove, Lewis
Early History and Develoment of Le Boeuf Valley (2003)
Historic Places and Names of Le Boeuf Valley (2005)
The Story of Elsie and Her Family (2010)
Where the Stones Talk (2004)

Eaton, S.J. M. DD. Lakeside, A Memorial; Planting of the Church of Northwestern Pennsylvania (1880)

Edinboro Area Historical Society Recipes & Memories of Edinboro (2005)

Eiler, Linda Lee Hessong Girard (Arcadia Press Images of America Series, 2005)

Erie County Bar Foundation Memoirs of the Erie County Pennsylvania Bench and Bar, Volume II (2000)

Erie Times News Greatest Sports Moments (2005)

Erie Yesterday Erie County Pennsylvania (Arcadia Press Images of America, 1997)

Franklin Township Franklin Township Oral History Project Transcriptions (2005)

Fredriksen, John C., Ed. Surgeon of the Lakes:  The Diary of Usher Parsons, 1812 – 1814 (2000)

Freeman, Sabina Shields
The Battles Story. The Battles Family of Girard, Pennsylvania (1992)
Cloud Busters, Neil McCray and the Erie County Airport (2011)
Thomas Forster and Settling the Erie Frontier (2011)
Twice Around the Township, Fairview History Retold (2010)

Freeman, Sabina Shields and Seidler, Barbara Those Were the Days (2003)

Freeman, Sabina Shields and Tenpas, Margaret L. Erie History – The Women’s Story (1982)

Frew, David, Ph.D.
Interrupted Journey:  The Saga of the Steamer Atlantic (2004)
Kiss of the Devil Wind:  The Sinking of the Steamship Gerken (2000)
Journey Through Time (2006)
Long Gone:  The Story of the Marquette & Bessemer #2 (2002)
Midnight Herring (2006)

Frew, David, Ph.D. and Skrypzak, Jerry Fortune & Fury, a History of Commercial Fishing in Erie (2011)

Garvey, William P. An Erie Irish Saga: A Family Memoir of John and Kathryn Barber and Their Ten Children (2006)

Guerrin, Don A Concise History of Presque Isle, 1753 – 2003 (2004)

Haesler, Carl. W. History of the Pennsylvania Grape Industry (2009)

Harborcreek Historical Society Harborcreek Yesteryears

Hirt, H. O. Hirt in His Own Words; A Collection of Letters, Articles and Speeches (2010)

Johnson, Johnnie C. Erie African Americans in 1880 (2008)

Kendall, Martha E.
The Erie Canal (2008)

Kunzog, John C. The One-Horse Show, The Life and Times of Dan Rice, Circus Jester and Philanthropist (1962)

Langmyer, Tom Lake Erie History and News (2009)

Laythe, Joseph Engendered Death: Pennsylvania Women Who Kill (Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh University Press, 2012) This is an interdisciplinary study of women from the state of Pennsylvania who have committed murder. The study examines the background of each woman, the murder, arrest and trial. It does so, however, through the lens of gender studies. It examines how these women were portrayed in the media and their cases warped by gender expectations. Many of the case studies used are centered in Erie County, including the Torchkiller case of 1930 and the case of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong.

Lechner, Carl B. Erie:  Link to the Great Lakes (1994)

Lee, Sandra S. Italian Americans of Greater Erie (Arcadia Press Images of America, 2010)

Lyon, Debbi
Greetings from Wesleyville (2007)
Greetings from Wesleyville Volume Two (2010)

MacDonald, Robert J. and Frew, David, Ph.D. Home Port Erie:  Voices of Silent Images (1997)

Marsh, John L., Ph.D. Closing the Gap:  The Story of a Country Church, 1854 – 1973 (1975)

Marsh, John L., Ph.D. Edinboro: A Dirt Street Town (1976)

Marsh, John L., Ph.D. and Nordberg, Karl E. Edinboro:  The Journey’s End (1989)

McLean, Marjorie D. Lawrence Park (Arcadia Press Images of America, 2011)

McQuillen, Michael J., Ph.D. and Garvey, William P., Ph.D. Hammermill, A History of the Company (1985)

Moore, Larry W. The Pontiacs: Black Baseball to Remember (2010)

Muller, Mary A Town at Presque Isle, A Short History of Erie, Pennsylvania to 1980 (1991)

Nelson, Jeffrey

Around Union City (Arcadia Press Images of America Series, 1996)
Erie Pennsylvania (Arcadia Press Images of America, 1998)

Palattella, Ed Establishing a Presence: A History of the Federal Courthouse in Erie, Pennsylvania (2004)

Perich, Terry and Kathleen Cambridge Springs and Edinboro (Arcadia Press Postcards Series, 2006)

Pett, Margaret Hamot Medical Center: 125 Years of History, 1881 – 2006 (2006)

Reichel, Caroline African American History Makers of Erie, Pennsylvania.  A Walking Tour of the Erie Cemetery (2008)

Rhodes, Chuck A Reflection Back in Time (2008)

Rosenberg, Max The Building of Perry’s Fleet on Lake Erie, 1812- 1813 (1974)

Schoenfeld, Maxwell P.
Charles Vernon Gridley:  A Naval Career (1983)
Fort De La Presqu’ile (1979)

Smrcka, Polly
Hatch Hollow Tomboy (1999)
That’s the Way It Was (2002)

Sorensen, Virginia Miracles on Maple Hill (1984)

Springirth, Kenneth
Bessemer & Lake Erie RR (Arcadia Press Images of Rail, 2009)
Greater Erie Trolleys (Arcadia Press Postcard Series, 2006)
Northwestern Pennsylvania Railroads (Arcadia Press Images of Rail, 2010)

Stadtmueller, Cam, Carol Laughlin and John Skuce Open for the Season: Roadside Fruit and Produce Stands in Harborcreek Township (2010)

Stivenson, J. Jeff Erie – A Short History of Getting Around (2009)

Stone, David and Frew, David Waters of Repose: The Lake Erie Quadrangle (1993)

Tefft, Richard A History of North East Township Schools

Tenpas, Margaret L. Erie – From Forest Trail to Port City (1976)

Thompson, Sarah S. Journey from Jerusalem: An Illustrated Introduction to Erie’s African-American History, 1795–1995 (1995)

Vance Jr, Russell E., Ph.D. The Edinboro Area: Background, Explanations and Documentations (2005)

Vatavuk, Mark K. Baseball in Erie (Arcadia Press Images of Baseball Series (2005)

Walker, Matthew Presque Isle State Park (Arcadia Press Images of America, 2000)

Ware, Eugene H. The Moods of Presque Isle (2004)

Warner Theater Preservation Trust A Star is Reborn (2010)

Weber, Tom. Ed. Erie Style Volume 1 (1982)

Wellejus, Edward T. Historic Erie County:  An Illustrated History (2004)

Wincik, Stephanie
Ghosts of Erie County (2002)
Heroes in Disguise (2006)
More Ghosts of Erie County (2005)
Reaching Through the Veil:  Ghost Hunting in Erie County (2008)