Celebrating National Preservation Month

May is National Preservation Month and this year’s theme is “Discover America’s Hidden Gems.” Communities from coast to coast are filled with unexplored historic treasures—and May’s the month to celebrate them! Reach out to a growing audience of neighbors, tourists, students and preservationists by promoting historic places in your community, and encourage newcomers to learn more about your local preservation programs.

Tailoring this year’s theme to your region is easy: Just insert the name of your city, town, or state in place of “America’s.” During National Preservation Month you can:

  • Plan special tours of little-known historic sites.
  • Engage volunteers interested in contributing to a local preservation project.
  • Compile a photo archive of the hidden gems in your community.
  • Plot out walking and driving tours of the finest historic places in your town or city.
  • Encourage residents and visitors to share the gems they have discovered on your website or via social media.
  • Schedule lectures, films and slide shows about places saved and threatened.
  • Attract new supporters for local preservation projects and the ongoing work of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Ensure that our nation’s treasures will be protected for future generations and spread the word this May by celebrating your community’s treasures.

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