Gravestone Preservation Workshop Scheduled for June

The Corry Area Historical Society is happy to announce that  Mark Morton  from Gravestone Guardians will be coming back to teach a  gravestone preservation workshop Saturday and Sunday June 2 & 3, 2018 rain or shine.

This will be 16 hours of instruction. Paid early bird registration for the two-day class is $65. Everyone needs to supply a cleaning kit or purchase a kit from Historical Society
The cost for a cleaning kit is $20. Cleaning Kits include  D/2 Biological Solution and beginner tools to take home.

Early registration is from February 20, 2018 to April 10, 2018. After this date, the registration cost will increase.

Class size is limited to 25.  Email to reserve a spot.

The 16 hours of instruction will include:

1. CLEANING: Proper grave marker cleaning with a safe & gentle biowash product. The same one used at Arlington National Cemetery.

2. THE SIMPLE 2 PIECE TABLET & BASE SOCKET: The group will reset a marble tombstone in a sandstone base by leveling the base & mortaring in thetombstone.

3. TABLET SET: The group will dig a level a slot in the ground & use the rule of 1/3’s to teach the proper way to set a simple tablet type of tombstone. This procedure is also the way similar upright military markers are placed.

4. EPOXY: A demonstration of how to clean, align, & fix a broken tablet with a state of the art epoxy will be given.

5. SMALL MULTI PIECE MONUMENT RECONSTRUCTION: A small monument will be chosen & used as an example. This is where we use the tri-pod, hoist, and straps to disassemble the monument, clean it, level it, and reassemble it.

6. INFILL INSTRUCTION: This is the final touch to tombstone & monument repair. It’s basically the fine mortar used to fill in cracks & aesthetic damage when the repairs are finished.

Contact Lisa Puckly at (814) 664-4749 or

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