Erie Reader Seeks Local History

The Editors of the Erie Reader want your stories!

The Erie Reader, Erie’s new free weekly paper, is looking for contributions for their column “Back in the Day”. (To learn more about the Erie Reader, visit their website at

In 500 words or less, please share tales of your time in Erie. How have things changed since you were a youngster? How have they stayed the same? This is an open ended call. Be as creative as you like.

The stories don’t necessarily need to be first-hand accounts. If you have a favorite Erie historical figure, say Daniel Dobbins or Lou Tullio, or even lesser known figures from Erie’s past, feel free to share their stories as well.

Erie has a rich, exciting history, and so much of that history lives only in the memories of our citizens. Let’s use this opportunity to keep that history alive. Please send your submissions to, or if you prefer snail mail:

Erie Reader
1903 West 8th Street #231
Erie PA 16505

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