History of the Bicycle and Erie’s Role in its Development during the 1890s

Free Lecture – Tuesday, February 18th, 2014, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
At the Jefferson Educational Society, 3207 State Street, Erie

The bicycle has long been a staple of the world population. This lecture will focus on the general history of the bicycle, but will also talk about the evolution of the bicycle in Erie during the 1890s, including its place amongst local manufacturers, individuals, and clubs. Actual antique bicycles from the speaker’s personal collection and from the Erie County Historical Society will be available for viewing at the presentation. Jeff Kidder, AIA, NCARB

The Jefferson Educational Society of Erie (JES) is a non-profit institution founded to promote civic enlightenment, and community progress for the Erie Region through the study, research, discussion, of those ideas and events that have influenced the human condition. The Society, therefore, will offer courses, seminars, and lectures which explain the central ideas which have formed the past, assist in exploring the present, and offer guidance to enhance the civic future of the Erie Region.

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