MY HISTORY Photo Campaign

PHMC wants YOU to share photos of your cherished historic sites and places! As part of the process of writing a Statewide Historic Preservation Plan for 2012-2017, the Bureau for Historic Preservation is seeking all forms of public involvement and feedback. In 2010, they hosted a PA Community Preservation Values Survey, in which 2500 Pennsylvanians participated. Currently, they are hosting a series of public forums about the Survey and the State Plan, in order to collect YOUR preservation concerns and priorities.

In their next step, they want you to SHOW them your concerns—by sharing photos of that historic theater slated for demolition, or that narrow but fond covered bridge, or that historic downtown streetscape. They are also planning to illustrate the new State Plan with selections from your submissions.

To submit photos:
1. If you wish, you may use a “This is MY HISTORY” sign, and include a person holding it in your photo.
2. E-mail the photo to or Please be sure to name the place or building.
3. If you wish, include any other comments or captions that you wish to share. You’ll be able to check back and view photos at their website, or at:

Please Note: By submitting materials with respect to state or federal historic preservation programs administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), you grant to the PHMC the rights to:
· use the materials for education and promotional purposes and to promote the mission of the PHMC;
· publish the materials on the PHMC Web site; and
· make the materials available to researchers and scholars

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