WQLN TV Seeks Lawrence Park, PA, Residents to Shape Original Documentary

WQLN TV invites residents of Lawrence Park, PA, and surrounding areas to contribute their stories to the next episode in the Our Town series, ‘Our Town: Stories from Lawrence Park’, slated to premiere at 8:00 p.m. on June 27, 2019, on WQLN TV and WQLN.org.

Interested volunteer storytellers are invited to call WQLN’s Jocelyn Taylor at (814) 217 6055 or pick up an information packet at the Iroquois Avenue Library, 4212 Iroquois Avenue, to learn how to submit their stories through archival or original footage and photographs, as well as on-camera interviews to be conducted by WQLN this May.

Story topics are entirely the participants’ choice. Story suggestions include: Annual Fourth of July Parade, Summer Street Dances,Street Names (streets named after scientists, engineers), Music at the Gazebo, Battle for the Bridge Football: Harborcreek v. Lawrence Park, 1832 Stone House, Lawrence Park Dinor, Elbow Tree Park, Iroquois Library History, Priestly Avenue School, Grove House, and the Food Truck Festival.

Past ‘Our Town’ stories have featured favorite recreational activities, local eats & drinks, arts and culture, noteworthy architecture, community grassroots projects, historic events, famous residents past and present, rite-of-passage ‘hijinks’, and snapshots of everyday community life.

DVDs of the program will be available free of charge to all participants. DVDs will also be available to non-participants, with a WQLN membership, by contacting Jocelyn Taylor at 814-217-6055 or jtaylor@wqln.org.

About WQLN Public Media
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