2011 Erie Hall of Fame Inductees

In November WQLN announced the 2011 Erie Hall of Fame inductees. Read the GoErie.com article HERE.

There’s the author of the de facto motto of the United States, “E pluribus unum.” There’s also the creator of a mechanical device that you are wearing right now, and the internationally renowned composer of thirty major works, including nine symphonies and eight other orchestral works and seven chamber pieces: pretty good company, especially if you consider that they enter the Hall with an inventor who revolutionized the world’s agri-food industry, and one of America’s first millionaires.

“When the Erie Hall of Fame was established in 2008 it had one goal,” says Dwight Miller, chairman of the Erie Hall of Fame’s Board of Governors, “and that goal was to foster an appreciation of the world contributions of people from the Lake Erie Region. It’s easy to disparage your home town,” says Miller, “and in Erie, it’s almost a recreational sport. But, I want my kids—all of our children—to understand the importance of the men and women who lived in this community. I believe that once they understand the significance of Erie, they will brag about it.” And bragging about your hometown is a good thing.

The Erie Hall of fame is now accepting nominations for its 2012 class.
Click here to make a nomination.

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