Framed: Step into Art traveling exhibit at the expERIEnce Children’s Museum through May 13th

The expERIEnce Children’s Museum is excited to bring Framed: Step into Art to the community starting Friday, January 26th.  Framed is an interactive exhibit that welcomes children and their families to play with life-sized recreations of famous art work.

Source: Minnesota Children's Museum,

Children and adults can enjoy a robust noontime meal in Grant Wood’s Dinner for Threshers, climb into a tent and explore camping gear in John Singer Sargent’s Camp at Lake O’Hara and add “corn husks” to the flower tower in Diego Rivera’s Corn Festival.  Enter Clementine Hunter’s Big Chicken and get behind the reins of a giant rooster. Visitors can also explore a small collection of Mona Lisa prints featuring the original and famous parodies, then step behind a cutout version and replace Mona Lisa’s face with their own.

In addition to climbing inside works of art, children can curate their own art gallery, draw self-portraits, take part in an art hunt through the exhibit and let their imaginations run wild by creating as many different images as possible at the three-dimensional pattern puzzle.  The exhibit was created by and is on loan from the Minnesota Children’s Museum.

“This exhibit encourages children to make a personal connection with art and allows them to have fun and ask questions. The interactive experience that Framed provides is likely the first step in fostering a lifelong appreciation and understanding of art” says, Ainslie Brosig, Executive Director.

Thanks to support provided in part from an Erie Arts & Culture Grant, made possible by community contributions to the annual Arts & Culture Campaign and the Erie Arts Endowment, Framed will be on display until May 13th. The expERIEnce Children’s Museum is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sundays from 1pm-5pm. Admission is just $7.50 for children ages 2 and older. Yearly membership passes start at $60 and are available all year. Visit for more information.

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