Henry Posner to Speak at Lake Shore Railway’s Annual Dinner April 8th

Lake Shore Railway Historical Society, located in North East, is excited to share that Henry Posner III will be the Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker at the Society’s 61st Annual Banquet on Saturday, April 8, 2017.  The event will be held in nearby Wesleyville, PA, at St. James Place, just blocks from the Erie General Electric Locomotive Assembly Plant.

Mr. Posner hails from Pittsburgh, PA. He co-founded and is Chairman of Railroad Development Corporation (http://www.rrdc.com/company_overview.html), which owns and operates Iowa Interstate Railroad as well as multiple railroad and transportation companies around the globe.  His interests are in railroad freight operations in the U.S., Peru, Colombia, France and Belgium, and railroad passenger interests in Germany and the UK.

He has worked with General Electric and their products in the U.S., Estonia, Guatemala, Peru, Mozambique, Argentina and Colombia.

You can access a detailed biography of Mr. Posner here.

Additional event details are available through the Lake Shore Railway Museum’s FB page. You may purchase tickets online, or download, print, fill out, and return the registration form with payment to the Society.

The Society invites you to hear Mr. Posner talk about his adventures and experiences in world-wide railroading.


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