Historic Resources Inventoried County-wide

Thanks to generous support from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, The Erie Community Foundation, the Perry 200 Commission, and individuals, Preservation Erie has launched an unprecedented county-wide inventory of historic resources. The goal of this project is to provide baseline information to be used in the development of historic preservation plans that can be accepted, adopted and implemented by governments throughout the county. The inventory will enable communities, property owners, organizations, and agencies to better appreciate the cultural and economic value of historic buildings and sites in their communities and assist civic leaders in planning for their protection and integration into economic revitalization strategies.

To read the full press release, visit Preservation Erie’s blog.

About Preservation Erie
Founded in 2007, Preservation Erie works to preserve and protect the unique character of greater Erie by encouraging both a greater appreciation for and the adaptive reuse of the historic buildings, industrial structures, and historic neighborhoods that have shaped our collective regional identity and sense of place. With projects that include such landmarks as the Villa Chapel and Roosevelt Middle School, Preservation Erie promotes the value of historic preservation and good urban design as key elements of a vision of sustainable development that can improve the quality of life in the region.

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